Tell your kids tell your wife cause we emailing everybody out here tonight. You can recover your forgotten passwords now! 🥳 Before this if you forgot your password after signing up you were totally toast 🍞💀😹 Worry no more!

They’ll be from while research and development slowly continues around 😶‍🌫️

  • swagg boiA
    8 months ago

    I started learning server administration as a hobby back when I lived in NYC. I picked up Ex 'Em along the way because it just looked cool.

    It’s funny how those skills have become one of the most critical things l’ve learned, as I don’t rely on any external service for my daily needs. i.e., email, calendaring, code repository, cloud storage, etc. I do it all in-house.

    And as c*rporate tech houses set their services on fire to grab more money, it’s a great feeling not to be affected by any of it because I transitioned away from it long ago.

    I didn’t realize at the time how I was setting myself up for the future by spending late nights learning shit I didn’t want to.

    Because the future of the email is all about people taking back their space. With force.